Thank you for purchasing a bio-based style!

Thank you for purchasing a bio-based style!

You are now part of the Ray-Ban journey toward sustainability. Learn about the steps we’ve been taking below.

The Frames

If you see “bio-based material frames” printed on the inner temple of your Ray-Ban, that means the frames are made from one of the sustainable materials below.

Thank you for purchasing a bio-based style!


A high-quality plastic derived from renewable resources. Ray-Ban bio-based acetate is created by mixing cellulose acetate (a fiber made of cotton or wood pulp) with a new kind of plasticizer and contains at least 65%* biological material. This makes it biodegradable** to help reduce environmental impact.


The bio-based nylon for frames is made with a percentage of bio-based content of at least 57%* which represents the amount of raw material coming from renewable sources (caster oil) and replaces the fossil based one.

*Bio-based content is tested with ASTM D6866 by Beta Analytic laboratory


Some of our designs for kids feature rubber elements. We use a bio-based rubber containing at least 28% biological content from renewable sources like corn, making these frames more sustainable, stylish and safe.

The lenses

Thank you for purchasing a bio-based style!

When we can, we use bio-based nylon lenses to make our sunglasses more sustainable. These are composed of at least 40% biological content from renewable sources, such as castor oil.

Unfortunately, we can’t use bio-based lenses for polarized lenses yet.

The packaging

We’ve looked at increasing the sustainability of everything that comes with your Ray-Ban.

Thank you for purchasing a bio-based style!


Our boxes are made from 100% recycled paper.


Around 60% of the case compostion is made with 100% recycled material. The stylish outer layer of Ray-Ban cases is made of 23% FSC® certified wood pulp. The internal material is made of 100% recycled post-consumer polyester. The structure material is made of 100% recycled pre-consumer polybutylene.